Sunday, September 23, 2007

So much has been going on

So sorry not to update. We've been swamped with construction. I have taken lots of pictures, but not organized them. There is one of the videos I took below. That was one of our busier days.

The patio guys are finished with everything except a little wrap-up. The last couple of days made a real mess in the house with the stone cutting.

The windows guys have only one more day. They put in the new patio door last week. It is GORGEOUS.

On the inside, George and Henry have almost finished with the carpentry and painting in the bathroom, and the electrician and plumber will hopefully come back this week to put in fixtures and the floor guy will finish the carpeting.. George also has to finish the bookcase for the middle of the family room. The laundry room is finished.

Then George and Henry have to build the roof for the patio, and all is done.

More News

Last weekend, 4 ladies from the FDMB and I met up at Ladew Topiary Gardens for a day trip. We had a grand time. Here is a photo of our group.

From left:
Karen and Angus
Stefani and Toonces
WCF and Meowzi

Yesterday, I got notice from Social Security that I qualify for disability. That takes a huge financial worry off my mind.

Stefani's foster kitty SweetPea, a diet-controlled diabetic, is with us again for a couple of weeks. She continue to retain her nickname Pit Bull Kitty. She has bitten me three times so far this visit. Twice when I shooed her away from the bedroom door she is clawing the paint off. Once when I tried to play with a catnip toy with her. Right now, she is roaming the house in Max's walking jacket. I hope to train her to a leash so we might have a controlled introduction to Ennis.

I have an appointment with a highly recommended reconstructive surgeon in Baltimore. Dr. Bernard Chang. I see him for a consult October 18. My chest is really uncomfortable from the scar tissue and implant. I hope to have him make me flat and clean up the scars.

I have been feeling very tired lately, and having pain in my back and hip. After the visit to Ladew, I was down for two days. My dentist also found a swollen lymph node in my neck (as well as 4 more teeth that need work). I see the oncologist for these concerns week after this.

Tha-tha-that's all folks.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone looks great. And you look so healthy. Take care and I will check back in later.