Friday, February 24, 2006

Schedule of Upcoming Events!!

October and November, Daily radiation on right breast for 7 weeks (Re-evaluation and CT Correlation on September 28)

October and November, Saline filling of left breast expander implant

December or January, Surgical replacement of expander implants with silicone implants

See also the schedule of past events.


Linda L said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Monday and Tuesday. Hope things go very well for you.


Alice said...

I will be sending good thought and prayers you way.


cindy said...

Hi Venita -

Doesn't MUGA sound like the street name of a Russian mobster? He got his name because every time he was about to blow someone away he would say "I muga you into oblivion!" with an appropriately fierce scowl.

Hmm, maybe Stray Cat and I have been watching too many blood-and-guts shows on TV...

Hey, I know! To pass the time waiting for the dye to do its thing, try saying "gamma camera" ten times fast!

In all seriousness, I hope you pass this with flying colors, and I don't mean the colors of the dye. If anyone tries to criticize your heart I will drive up there and beat them up.

Love, Cindy

julie said...

i did it, i logged in, I am so proud of myself!

Annie Anderson said...

Blessings, Via.
The site is wonderful and your courage and strength is amazing. May god Bless you and all the doctors and healthvcare professionals next week. Your in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Love, Annie