Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fun Stuff Venita Got

These are some of the great things Venita received in response to her request for fun stuff. Thank you all so much for helping pull her through the last couple of days.

Thank you Cindy, Dave W, Fairydragon, Goldy, Heather, Julie, Les, Libby A, Martha, Mary M, Robin, and Steve

Washington Post's Mensa Invitational--some great new words, including ingoranus.
Taste test
Curtain rods
The Nigerian 419 Scam
The Scambaiting Archives
A really funny series of scambaiting email
Gorillaz Room Froggaz, where you can easily make frog pies (Use the directional arrows on the right side of your keyboard to move the frogs across the road and river.)
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Why Cats Paint (also here)
Why Paint Cats
The Amazing Le Woogie Card Trick
Primary cause of penguin deaths
Pat Conroy's book, Beach Music
Burnt Bubba
Mrs. O'Conner's Breast
The Colorectal Surgeon's Sing-a-long
Who's in Charge Here?
Beer Stand video
Stuff to do when you are bored
"Intelligence Test"
Texas Sayings
Alice's Internet Jokes (not our Alice)
Parrot joke
The Llama Song
Stupid Videos, especially a cat massaging a dog.

Some folks sent some other really great downloaded videos, but Venita couldn't find them on the Internet to share with you all.

Updated: from Lori--

The Great Schlep


cindy said...

Hi Venita - How are you feeling? Is the pain lessening?

It will be fun to read everyone else's "fun stuff", I am glad you posted the links.

The cats paint/paint cats books are some of the most brilliant farce I have ever seen. For a while I left both books out for my students' parents to read. One mother got really upset when I told her it was a spoof, and she pointed to the "historical perspective" section and snapped: "you can't fake that!" What I am not sure about is whether of not those cats are really painted or if it is some great photoshop work. What do you think?

{Steve Rapaport} said...

These scams from the archive are also very good:

Persistent scammer won't go away: Gets branded for his trouble.

Scammer and friends convinced to copy all of Harry Potter by hand!

Venita said...

Try this too!! Great Olan Mills Photos.