Friday, November 09, 2007

Back on Tamoxifen/Condo Sold

I re-start the Tamoxifen today, after about 2 months off. This is the estrogen suppressing medicine I was on to reduce my risk of recurrence. Now I return to severe hot flashes, insomnia, and foggy brain. Another 4 years, but I may take breaks again in the future.

Just in case my fatigue and muscle aches are from depression, the psychiatrist raised my antidepressant this week.

Jim's condo is under contract, and the financing looks good, so we are counting on it being sold as of November 30 and bringing his things over here a bit at a time. The biggest bummer for me is coordinating two fully furnished kitchens, and finding places to store the usable but presently unneeded items. Later this month, two big burly guys, friends of Jim, will bring over the furniture that we want to keep. The rest of the furniture will go to those guys or the local Cancer Federation.

Thank goodness Jim is not a pack rat (like me).

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Anonymous said...

V you did not look like a pack rat to me when we were there. Your home is beautiful and comfy. I'm pretty busy lately but keep you in my prayers. xoxoxo Bev