Friday, December 07, 2007

Vitamin D/Shingles

The endo tests indicated I have a mild to moderate Vitamin D insufficiency. He gave me a 50,000 IU capsule to take, and I will take another in January. Follow-up blood tests at the end of January, and a re-evaluation by the Endo in mid-November.

I must say I feel (cautiously) better. I found yesterday I could balance on one foot without completely falling over. I discovered this when I was attempting the tree pose for yoga.

Jim has singles. We didn't know what they were. An adult recurrence of the chicken pox virus. He hurts, is itchy, and is fatigued. He's on an oral antiviral.

Jim did go to closing on his condo last week, and has paid me to buy into my house, so it is now OUR house. He paid me for half the equity, and we will be sharing the mortgage and utility bills, taking quite a bit of burden off me just when my savings were down to about nothing.

We have both dropped out of the cancer support groups for the time being. It was getting to be "all cancer, all the time."

I hope we will be able to get a Christmas tree this weekend.

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Adriann said...

I am so happy you have a diagnosis! And are feeling better! What great news!

As for Jim ... I had shingles/chick pox about two years ago. The pain is remarkable. It feels like you have a little cluster of fresh puncture wounds ... the feeling is so genuine and exact that I honestly kept lifting the edge of my shirt (the pox were in a short, straight row across my ribs) to see if somehow the pox had been punctured. I *knew* it was impossible, but my brain was soooo sure there was an acute injury. Unbelievable! And forget about touching them when they itch. It's not like when you are a kid and can scratch at them; these things give a heck of a zing if you even touch them lightly. My sincere sympathy/empathy to Jim!