Saturday, February 09, 2008

Surgery Anniversary/Jim's Skin Cancer

Today is the one year anniversary of my last surgery--the failed permanent implant. I do feel so much better now.

I got a call from the surgeon's office in Baltimore. The one where I am scheduled for reconstructive surgery in October. They have added another surgeon and offered to switch me to her so I could get this done faster. But I'm happy with the plan--take May in Europe and have the summer to garden. Save the nasty recuperation for the yucky time of the year.

Jim went to his dermatologist last week and she found a bit of basal cell carcinoma on his neck. She biopsied it, and will do a re-excision later this month to make sure margins are clear. He had a basal cell carcinoma a couple years back, so he gets checked annually for more of those little buggers. Basal cell is the most common, and "easiest," of the three types of skin cancer.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a great plan.