Sunday, November 30, 2008

Five Weeks

Tomorrow will be five weeks. Alot of my swelling has gone down. Because of the reduced swelling, I can tell the right flap (breast) is noticeably smaller than the left. Also, some of the scarring from previous surgeries on the right that were not covered/removed by the flap are now making "ripples" in my skin. That doesn't matter though. I can MOVE!! Also, the flaps are slightly under my armpits. That does create a slight movement problem, but I've been told that can be resolved at the April revision surgery.

I continue to have healing problems in my abdominal incision. The physical therapist had me doing torso stretching, and that ripped my incision in one area. So no more stretching, and today I'm going to have Jim help me clean that area well, put on antibiotic cream and butterfly bandages, and then we will cover with a clear plastic dressing. I'm not sure what the clear plastic is called, but we use it when Jim has skin tears. It can stay on for up to a week and doesn't come off in the shower. I am concerned that the scar in that area is going to end up 1/4 inch or more wide because of all the stretching to it.

Emotionally, I'm a little down. Not getting enough outside time, I think. I have purposefully gone out for sunshine the last two days, but today is very gray, so no Vitamin D tonic for me today. Ennis (the last cat standing) also is down. I think we may both just be a little bummed out by having no other furries in the house.

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