Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Memorial to Les

I am sad. Very sad.
My brother Les is gone.
I have lost my treasure.

But no, only his body is gone.
Now his spirit is my treasure.

Les holds a part of my heart that is his alone.
I will share with him my heartaches and joys.
I will share with him the wonders of the physical plane,
and he will share with me the wonders of the vastness.
Les and I will hold each other close.

Les will live forever because his will is forever.
Les will live forever because his friends and family will always hold him close in their hearts.
Hearts that beat continue spirits that live on.

Dearest Donna, Stacey, and Niki,
and all the endless others who also love Les,
your hearts cry.
Your hearts are ravaged.
Your hearts feel things that you never could imagine.
Yet, your hearts will endure.
That's what true love encourages.
That's what hearts do.

I will always have my treasure.
And you, also, will always have Les.

A link to Les's Guestbook on Legacy.com. It will only be there for a month.

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