Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chemo 2

Chemo 2 was fine. Jim came along, but V drove back and forth to make sure she could do it.

Real panic before we left for chemo. V is to take an anti-nausea pre-treatment. She went to open the blister pack and the capsule spilt apart and sprayed all over the kicthen. Thank God the onc ward had samples.

The onc nurse infused the Cytoxen really slowly this time because of V's side-effect of facial pain. Nurse said that effect is common with Cytoxen and that slow infusion helps minimize it. Jom wasn't prepared for the extra hour of treatment; got antsy and asked the nurse--does V have to get the whole bag? V asked Jim to go take a walk.

Onc nurse also explained that the facial flushing comes from one of the nausea medicines, and was more than willing to answer questions about why does this happen, why does that happen? Nurse been in this ward for 13 years--vast experience.

V gets her Neulasta shot tonight when neighbor nurse Mary gets home from work. V is going to give herself the shot but she wants Mary to watch to make sure she does it right.

V had PT again today. Range of motion already is improving. Got more exercises to do and starting to use "equipment" like weights, pulley, and treadmill. Also getting some massage to drain the lymph nodes.

Three appointments tomorrow--Dr. Boob, regular GYN, and Dr. Cutter.


Alice said...

does V have to get the whole bag? Such a man question.(Sorry Jim) Glad they made some changes to help the side effects. But weights and pulleys, I was thinking maybe in a little while you could putter in the garden.I am thinking a little garden tool. This woman is a hardass. Well you becareful and take care.

Love Alice

Annie said...


We've been thinking of you and praying for some relief from the side effects. "Does she need to take the whole bag?" Yikes, what was he thinking! I kmow, he wasn't. We're praying for Jim too. It's been rough on both of you.

We Love You,
Rudy, Tiger, Ashley, Annie and Doug