Sunday, May 07, 2006

Week's End Update

Ouch! Bone pain and throat swelling started Saturday. V had a good morning working in the gardens and doing range of motion exercises, but she couldn't move much in the afternoon. She took some Dilaudid for pain and went to bed about 9pm. Maxwell (the diabetic cat) kept waking her every 3 hours for feeding. V will likely end up back in bed soon.

V didn't see Dr. Boob for the 2nd draining this week because he had a hospital emergency. V didn't need it though; looks like the draining is really slowing. She will see Dr. Boob on Monday.

We both saw Dr. Cutter this week. DR was impressed by V's overall condition, although concerned that the mast scar continues not to completely heal. She gave V a scrip for a super-duper antibiotic cream. Next follow-up with Dr. Cutter will be between chemo treatments 6 and 7 to plan the surgery for the left breast mastectomy.

V saw her GYN for her every 4 month PAP this week. V has a low-grade dysplasia caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The dysplasia could turn into cervical cancer or go away. This has been going on for about 2 years.

V discussed with her GYN her disappointment about how his PA dismissed V's right breast lump in December. He said he would look into it.

V's hair is not long for this world. Today, May 7, is deemed the official fallout day. Bill P, a local friend, is the winner. Now we have to determine the prize.

V thought Donna B. would do the hair buzzing, but that isn't working out. V is looking for a substitute, and Jim is not an option. V may not be particularly attached to her ears, but she would prefer to keep them!


Alice said...

Sorry about the bad PAP. I know this sucks. Do the best you can and remember pain meds are your friend. We can do Betty Ford when this is over.LOL I know you will look great without hair. Most strong,confident and good looking women do. I still vote for some dangle earrings and no hats or wigs. Unless you're a hat person, but I am not. Can't whoever does you hair normally shave it? Sening all my love.

Love Alice

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Actually, you will definately need a hat for sun protection. I'll keep my eye out for one for you.


Fairydragonfly said...

I went through the same issues with my PAP several years ago. Had to have lazer surgery to remove it. Oddly enough, they haven't told me it has come back but have requested I go for a follow-up PAP in six months which will be this June. Still keeping you in my thoughts.


Annie said...


I've been thinking of you and praying for your comfort. It's good to hear the draining has slowed down and Your mind has got to be sharp because you know not to let Jim cut your hair!

Hope you are able to eat!?!

Annie, Doug, Rudy, Tiger, & Ashley

Robin said...

I think the prize should be letting him cut your hair.

Where the hell have I been-can you curse in a blog? oh what the

Charity garden tour has eaten be alive...but you are always in my prayers and on my mind.

Chemo sucks my friend -Dilaudid is just as heavy as morphine-wow-it should do the trick-hope it helps.
I am sending you my love.