Monday, October 01, 2007

God, What did I wish for?

The oncologist himself called this morning. I was away at my bone scan. Jim took the call and it was something about elevated calcium in my blood and wanting to give me a shot so I would feel better.

Long story short, in my case, the hypercalcemia could be from trouble with my parathyroid gland or from metastatic bone cancer. The bone scan as well a parathyroid blood test should give us some info. The onc said to be in his office first thing in the morning. He wants to give me an infusion of Zometa to bring the calcium level down.

My ionized calcium level is 1.41 mg/dl. Reference range is 1.14-1.32.


Anonymous said...

Venita, the hypercalcemia may be caused bya host of other things. Think positive. (((hugs)))


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you. I am praying fervently that it will be all those other things causing this. Sending many tight hugs.

Teresa and Olivia

Anonymous said...

((((Venita))))) We are all here for you....

Carolynn & Fletcher

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

Sending you warm hugs,

Tina and Regis

Anonymous said...

Many prayers out V. I think it will be good news, not bad. Hoping for a good outcome and you feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

thinking good-health thoughts for you and asking God to give you a much-needed dose of great news.

Kris & Jane

Donna said...

Venita, as always you are in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to be strong, but lean on others as necessary.

(Maximillian's Person, Donna)

Bev said...

V many prayers for you that this is nothing serious, many ((HUGS)) and healing.