Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jim's Knee Replacement

Jim has just had a total knee replacement. He will be in the hospital from today (Tuesday) through Friday. He is in a dedicated joint replacement unit, and the care so far has been fabulous.

This is him just 4 hours out of the operating room. He has zero pain right now because he had zero feeling. He was given a spinal block and it is still blocking.

I doubt we will see such a smile tomorrow!!

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Linda Lee said...

Hey Jim:

You look so great after having your knee surgery! I'm glad to see you smiling & hope that you'll keep your smile throughout your PT. :)
After you heal, you & I will have to race walking down 6 flights of stairs again. ;) I think you'll beat me this time!
Gary & I send you many well wishes & prayers.
Love & kisses to Venita too.

Linda Lee