Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hospital and Surgery Info

I've been asked to give details about my surgery and info about the hospital.

The surgery is a Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) flap. This article includes drawings and photos. The surgeon will be removing an football shaped piece of skin with the underlying fat and associated blood vessels from my abdomen. That piece of tissue will be cut in two, and the blood vessels of the pieces reattached to the blood vessels in my chest area. The following drawing show a unilateral reconstruction; mine will be bilateral.

The surgery takes 6-8 hours, depending on how long it takes to identify the perforators. I will be in the Intensive Care Unit overnight and transferred to the ward the following morning. I am supposed to be able to ambulate on 1st postoperative day and be discharged home on 4th postoperative day.

I will have a second stage revision and nipple creation under local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation on an outpatient basis between 8 and 12 weeks after the initial surgery. The revision is to further refine and finish the appearance of the breasts. There may be scar revisions at the donor site performed at that time.

My surgery is at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore. The phone number to reach patients is 410-332-9000. For those who might not know, my last name is Wood. Visiting hours once I am out of ICU are 11am to 8:30pm. The cheapest parking is to leave your car with the valet at the Weinberg Medical center, which is attached to the hospital. Here is info on directions and parking.

Linda Lee (Linda and Napoleon) is our FDMB contact. She will be in touch with Jim or me, and post info on the Community Board. I will be home sometime on October 30, so after that you can reach me at home. I likely will not be getting on the computer often, so phone is better than PM or email.


Donna & Morgan said...

Wishing you the best of luck - sending hugs your way.

My husband is fighting cancer also right now.

Donna & Morgan

Simmy'smom said...

Dearest Venita,

I have been thinking about you a lot since, well, for awhile. I know you have been through a surgery and probably won't see this for awhile. I want you to know that I am sending lots of love and distance Reiki. I wish I could be there to visit you. I might call. I have written to someone on the board, but I will write to the contact listed here. I might also call but won't keep you long.

Cheryl and Simmy