Monday, October 20, 2008

Please Help Simmy

This is the extra-sweet Simmy. Simmy is a diabetic, although he is presently diet-controlled. Simmy's person is Cheryl, and together they are known on the FDMB as Foursavages.

Here are the facts. Simmy need a visit to the vet and perhaps some procedures, and the fund I helped set up some time back to accept donations for Simmy's vet care and medical supplies is too low for what Simmy needs. We have a fund because, well, because we need to.

Here's the deal. Were you thinking of sending me a card while I was in the hospital? Maybe some flowers or a do-dad? Maybe even make a call to see how I am doing?

Could you take that $1, $5, or $10 and instead of spending it on me, send it to Simmy's fund? The fund is at PayPal, and you can read about Simmy and access the link to the fund at his blog: The PayPal link is at the top of the front page.

I would really appreciate your help, and I know Cheryl and Simmy would too. Even if you weren't going to send me a card or make a call, maybe you could consider a donation?

Thanks to all for listening.

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Simmy'smom said...

Hi Venita,

I wanted to thank you for bringing attention to Simmy's needs, but also a need in general for cats in crisis where finances are an issue. It made me want to sit down and figure out a way to help others that have the same problems--as needed. I think I could do it with a plan. You have inspired me and also deeply touched me with your post on the FDMB and here. It took me a bit to post here, because your post was emotionally powerful for me. I know you are aware of how much I appreciate you, but I felt the desire to voice it here also. I will be thinking of you in the days leading up to your surgery and on the day of your surgery.

Cheryl and Simmy too