Saturday, June 17, 2006

Home from the Hospital

This week, Venita spent from Monday night until Thursday noon in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Dr. Chemo and a doctor who is an infectious disease specialist kept trying to figure out what is causing the fever.

Venita had blood, urine, and stool cultures, chest X-Ray, CAT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Nothing that would be a possible cause showed up. On Thursday morning, Venita asked to come home because there was nothing happening at the hospital that was improving the situation. Dr. Chemo seemed somewhat pissed, but OK'd the release.

This was Venita's first ever hospital admittance. She was in the oncology ward. Food was so bad she asked food services to stop bringing her a tray. Her roommate got a DX of lung cancer the morning Venita was leaving. Why couldn't they have done that somewhere private?

So the fever continues, but it is not peaking as high as it was. Now it is only peaking in the 102 degree range. and it is taking longer to peak; sometimes 6-8 hours instead of the previous 3-4 hours. Last night, for a brief period, Venita felt like the fever had broken. She could think clearly, and move without pain and fatigue.

Venita is on Tylenol therapy, but no oral antibiotics.

Venita sees Dr. Chemo on Monday morning. Chemo is on temporary hold for now.


Alice said...

Sending you a great big hug and a great big kiss. I hope and pray you feel better soon.

cindy said...

Dear Venita - I am catching up on all you have been through. You are always in my thoughts, even when I don't show up here for a while. (And sometimes it won't let me post.) I'm so sorry about Bailey. Now that I have Bluegrass in my life I am especially patial to stories of ferals. Bailey had a great life with you.

As for this fever; I wonder if you have considered any alternative therapies. Acupuncture in particular. The fever is unexplained, right? Maybe something somewhere in you is rebelling against healing? Or an unconscious strategy to postpone chemo because it is so harsh? This is the time of imbalance that acupuncture can correct...