Thursday, June 08, 2006

Into the Fire

And we thought the frying pan was bad. Venita white blood cell (WBC) count on Tuesday morning was 300 (normal is 3800 to 10,800). Dr. Chemo called her in on Wednesday, and she showed up in 3 layers of clothes plus jacket, ski cap, neck scarf, and shivering like a naked polar bear. Temp was only 102. Dr. wanted to put her in the hospital for two days for IV antibiotic. Venita declined; the cat Bailey is on ABs and fluids and may need to be put down when he returns to the vet on Friday.

So Dr. Chemo sent Venita to an outpatient procedure unit for the IV ABs. At release, her temp was 104. She continues in bed and on Tylenol. This morning's temp was close to 99 and the bed sheets weren't soaked. Maybe there is an end to this tunnel.

We'll call Dr. Chemo this morning for followup. Good chance he'll want a stat CBC to assess whether more IV ABs are needed.

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Alice said...

I so hope and pray that things get better for you very soon.And yes I am actually looking up and asking him to help you. You know there is an end to this and you just have to make a day at a time. And soon this will be done. We love you and think about you all the time.

Love Alice