Friday, June 30, 2006

First Taxol Infusion

Venita had her first Taxol infusion yesterday. Three "pre-med" IV infusions and then the Taxol. Two of the pre-med infusions--Benedryl and something else for nausea--had an odd cold burning feel going in--like the cold burn of BenGay or IcyHot.

The Benedryl put Venita into hyper-mode. She normally avoids Benedryl because of that reaction. The first hour of the Taxol infusion, all she could do was squirm around in her recliner, wanting to crawl on the ceiling. She was finally able to get to sleep and the final two hours of the Taxol were in slumberland.

Venita has had no Taxol side effects yet and is feeling remarkably well today. She got about an hour's worth of garden weeding done and plans to do a little garage clean-up. Not noticing shortness of breath. No fever; last night experienced hot flashes (which is "normal"). There were thunderstorms last night so Max and Ennis hid downstairs rather than waking Venita up every two hours for food, so she slept fairly well.

Saw Dr. Boob last Thursday and got another 60 ccs infusion in the expander implant. (340ccs so far.) Dr. Boob says one more infusion in 2 weeks. The implant now is just about the size of Venita's real left breast. He also said he's not going to replace the expander implant in the right side with the silicone implant during the left breast mastectomy this fall. He says he will wait and "change out" both the left and right side expander implants at the same time--after radiation. (Keep your fingers crossed that radiation won't been needed on the left side because if it is, it has to be done after the expansion, and that would put the implant change out into the spring instead of the winter.)

Only one doctor's appointment next week--Venita's GP. Venita is looking forward to that. She thinks it is time to cut back on the Paxil because she's been getting really low blood pressure readings.

Venita also wants to find out whether there has been cardiac damage from the chemo and because Dr. Chemo won't order the tests, she's hoping the GP will either talk to Dr. Chemo or order the tests herself. With Venita's pre-chemo EKG, stress test (echocardiogram), and Mugga scan, there should be plenty of baseline to evaluate potential cardiac damage from the chemo.


Annie said...


I am very happy to hear that you are getting some relief. The recreational chemo doesn't sound like it was too recreational in the first hour or so, but I am glad you are not having side effects now. I get weirded out on Benydryl too. My skin feels like it is crawling and it feels like an unpleasant experience.

Hopefully, the worst is behind you.
Blessings, Annie, Rudy, Ashley & Tiger

Alice said...

So glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Can they use demerol or valium instead of the benydryl?Demerol puts me right to sleep.Also see if you could pop some valium about an hour before. I wouldn't use benydryl agian. Will be glad when you can eat more food again.And have a beer.

julie said...

i have been thinking about you a lot and am glad that things are looking a bit better so far with this new round of chemo..always praying for you and sennding lots of hugs..I am so glad you are getting some sleep! Even though the boys had to go hide because of the storms...take care my friend and know I am always here..

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Well at least a bit of a ray comes thru... glad on it!