Monday, July 10, 2006

Hot Flashes

You may be aware that chemotherapy induces menopause. Before chemo, Venita flirted with menopause; now she's full blown into it.

Biggest problem is hot flashes. It has mostly happened at night when she goes from a sitting to a reclining position--lasts 20 to 30 minutes, feeling hot and sweating. Now it's starting to happen during the day and without a position change.

Any suggestions besides a fan to reduce the hot flashes? No hormonal suggestions please; hormones are contraindicated with breast cancer--fuel to the fire, hormones feed the cancer.


Karen & Angus said...

I also cannot have hormones. My doctor suggested I try soy isoflavones, but stay away from black cohosh. You might try the soy. I'm not sure if it helped much or not since my hot flashes are pretty infrequent anyway.

Alice said...

I have tried soy milk in past. They make a chocolate one called silk and it is really good. Check with your doctor as a friend of mine that has had a masectomy and bc runs in her family isn't suppose to have much soy. But if you can I would run to the store to get some. I reccomended it to someone and it did help. Hope you are feeling better by the day.

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Your "wheat bag" can be put in a ziplock and put in the freezer. Let it get cold for a few hours and then use it to help cool you down when you are resting. Hope this is of some help.