Friday, July 14, 2006

Nearly 75% Down the Chemo Road

Yesterday, Venita had the 6th of her 8 chemo treatments!! Almost at the 75% mark (she doesn't count a cycle done until the beginning of the next cycle).

The Taxel is much easier with side effects than the Adriamyicin/Cytoxin, although the infusion is tougher. Tougher infusion of Taxol because of the pre-chemo infusion of Benadryl, which makes Venita hyper. Also, Venita is running out of veins for the infusion. Yesterday, it took 3 sticks, and she came away with 2 very large bruises. Easier side effects if the last Taxol cycle is any indication; Venita is planning to again have bone pain and abdominal cramping this weekend, but hoping against it.

Venita is starting to get her overall energy back. Today she is multitasking with laundry, some house cleaning, and work-work. It's been maybe 4 months since Venita did any serious housecleaning (she's had someone coming in recently), and although she is not a housecleaning diva, she enjoys a clean house and is enjoying the cleaning of the house today.

Venita's breathing also continues to improve; it's at maybe 75% of normal. Dr. Primary is going to give Venita some sort of breathing capacity test next week.

Dr. Chemo said Venita should not have chemo and radiation therapies at the same time. He said it would result in a bad cosmetic outcome. He did not expound, but Venita plans to ask Dr. Cutter at her followup appointment next week.

Venita is looking forward to, but with anxiety, the mastectomy on the left breast. Looking forward to it to advance this whole unpleasant but necessary process. Anxious because (1) the delay in surgery may have allowed the cancer to spread to the lymph nodes, thereby making radiation on the left breast necessary; (2) the possibility of serious post-surgical complications similar to the ones (hematoma, wound necrosis, and drainage problems) that she had with the right breast; and (3) potential complications that might happen by placing an implant on top of the intercostal (between the ribs) neuritis. But we are trying to be positive and take the attitude that those things won't happen.


Alice said...

So glad you are feeling better. Also glad you have an end to this in site. I still say take valium and the heck with that benadryl. Just double the dose. Sending lots of hugs and love your way.

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Lots of hugs from us too!

Crank up the Vitamin C and E for fast healing...

Ask a holistic therapist if there are other supplements, exercises, or soul-replenishments that can help.