Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 8 Update

Nine days past her first Taxol infusion, Venita is doing OK, but disinterested in much besides sitting and resting. She has, however, been able to get some work done this week.

There were side effects from the Taxol. Two days after the infusion, Venita had bone pain in her skull and pelvic bone, and strong cramps throughout her abdomen. She took Dilaudid, and rotated Tylenol and Advil, and went to bed for about 48 hours. She then was constipated (maybe a side effect of the Dilaudid, maybe a side effect of the Taxol), and played the Fibercon/Immodium dance most all week trying to get her GI tract back to a reasonable balance. Venita also has a hardened and tender vein where the Taxol was infused.

Eating is going better. More foods are starting to taste like themselves and not sawdust. Venita had a pizza for lunch yesterday and it was good.

Venita's breathing is also better. Seldom does she need to stop to catch her breath. Head hair also seems to be growing a tad.

Venita doesn't know whether the improvements are a temporary result of having taken a 3 week break from chemo, or instead a permanent result of moving onto recreational chemo. We are so hoping it's the latter.

Venita saw her primary care physician on Thursday. She got the paperwork for a 90-day handicap placard for the car and a scrip for an inhaler that would make breathing a little easier. Dr. Primary didn't want to reduce Venita's Paxil; in fact she wanted to increase it, so it's staying the same. Dr. Primary dealt with Venita's concern about her trouble breathing and possible heart damage by addressing her lungs and prescribing the inhaler.

Next week, Venita sees Dr. Boob for a final fillup of the expander implant and Dr. Chemo for approval for chemo infusion 6 of 8 on Thursday.

We've scheduled out the remaining chemo infusions (if they stay on schedule), and found that the final chemo is on Venita's 54th birthday! August 10 is going to be a major celebration day.

Venita's thinking that if Dr. Boob is now going to wait to change out the implant until after radiation, then maybe Venita can get started on radiation concurrently with chemo. She'll be talking to both Drs. Boob and Chemo about that next week. She'll also likely have to talk with Drs. Cutter and Nuke if she gets OKs from the first 2 doctors.

You all take care.

Venita and Jim!!


Fairydragonfly said...

Keeping you in my thoughts!

Alice said...

Sending big giant hugs your way.