Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's been really busy

Sorry I haven't written for awhile. It's been really busy trying to plan for the Longwood Gardens trip.

I talked about the house cleaning ladies. They will be back in early Thursday morning to "touch things up."

Tomorrow I have to go grocery, liquor store, and Target shopping. UGH. That will be a 3-4 hour adventure.

Jim continues to do fabulous. For some reason I seem to be getting worse. I think I explained the increase in my foot neuropathy after the gardening adventure. Now my fingers are going more too. I can hardly point the mouse, and my typos are getting way out of hand. That makes it very difficult for a writer. My handwriting is horrendous now. I have made an appt. with my medical onc for a couple weeks from now to see whether there is anything we can do about it.

Last night I fell. About 1AM, heading to the bathroom, but my feet weren't cooperating, and I banged my head into the door frame. That bouced me back against my dresser, bruising my right hip, then that put me on the ground brusing my left hip. I was just sitting there trying to get my bearings when Jim came racing up the steps. This all happened right over his head in the dungeon, and he heard all the commotion. He was indeed very concerned, and said he sat up until 3 listening for me.

I'm OK, just limping a little from the bruises, but it confirms for me that the neuropathy is getting worse and something needs to be done. I'm getting ready to ask the ubernice neighbor Curt to put a grab bar into my shower, because I often stumble as I turn around. I probably also should get a raised seat on the toilet in my bathroom, because I can't always "rise" from the seated position without grabbing onto the window sill.

Surprisingly, yesterday I discovered a scrip for an adbominal CT scan that I was to have today. Somehow, it didn't make it into my calendar. This is that small spot on my liver that the GI DR is monitoring. Chemo veins make it very difficult to get an IV line in (this was a CT scan with contrast, thus requiring IV dye). And my BP before the procedure was 167/68. Kind of high, but I told the technician it was likely because I hadn't taken my morning pills. Nothing NPO for 4 hours before the procedure, except that yucky barium drink.

My depression just seems to be building. I can't figure that out, except perhaps the neuropathy and the pain in my chest, which constantly remind me what I've been through, and that I "flunked cancer."

I did get a call today from the Tax Partner at the CPA firm that I have in the past consulted for. (Thank you Pam.) He is going to help me, pro bono bless their hearts, figure out when and how I can early access my various retirement funds without IRS penalty or extremely increased tax liabilties.

He also suggested I speak to a lawyer about social security disability insurance (SSDI). I know that is a very hard road to travel, but I did go to a program about it a couple years ago, so I know a local law firm that specializes in it. And they don't charge up front or by the hour. They take a cut of the ultimate settlement. I just don't recall whether SSDI is means (income or asset) tested. If it is, I would flunk based on my retirement assets.

So that's it for today. Going to be one very busy woman tomorrow prepping for the Gardens trip!!

Take care all!

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Anonymous said...

I am on my way V.Don't you do anything. I can do a bunch of stuff when I get there.And thank you so much ladies who are helping V clean. You are very special people. I hope to meet you while I am at V's. And yes put a grab bar in the shower and put a raised seat on the toilet. See you very very soon.