Sunday, April 08, 2007

Max's Video

This is my 3rd attempt to write this.

So now I'm going to be very brief.

Kris, thank you so much for my most precious possession.

The video could offend some because it shows pictures of my mastectomy scars at the end. Once that starts, you can turn if off or close your eyes and listen to the rest of the music.

Thanks again Kris.


Kris & Janiebird said...

It was a privilege and an honor.

maureen and Felix. said...

Venita,he was a beautiful cat and it's a beautiful tribute.They really are such wonderful companions to us,thank-you for sharing this with us.I hope you are managing ok.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful tribute to a beautiful boy. Thanks so much to Kris for helping.


Anonymous said...

he was a beautiful boy, tears...thanks for letting us see that...-jojo and bunny(GA)

Steph & Cuddles said...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to Max... and the deep bond between the two of you. Such love... breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Jill & Alex

Anonymous said...

the beauty and love in this video leaves me speechless. It touched my soul.
thank you for sharing this very special tribute.
dian and wheezer

Anonymous said...

Getting kleenex.....
That was a wonderful tribute to Max and to your love for him Venita.
Thank you for sharing.

Fantastic job Kris.


Cheryl and Winnie

Sadie & Pixie said...

That was the most beautiful, touching thing I have seen in a long time.

Very sweet and artistic Kris. Venita-may I have even half the strength in life that emanates from you even just in written words and photos.

Sadie & Pixie

Anonymous said...


That was a tribute to both of you. Fabulous job, Kris

Cara and Lisa (GA)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was really powerful and loving!!!

Kris, you did a wonderful job of showing the love and commitment between Venita and Maxwell.

Venita, you are an amazing woman and the strength and grace that you have are an inspiration!!

Cheryl, Tux & Cammie

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Gorgeous! Oh Max.... You are loved and missed.

martha and ac

Alice said...

Beautiful so beautiful.