Monday, June 08, 2009

My Heart is Broken

I spoke to Les yesterday afternoon, and he was experiencing right side paralysis from the chemo/MS combo. He couldn't talk long; he was too fatigued.

He called today. He is in the hospital after experiencing three seizures later yesterday. An MRI this morning revealed he has cancer in the motor function portion of the left side of his brain. The paralysis is being caused by the cancer.

Last week, Les had a tissue sample for pathology taken from his throat because he has been bringing up bloody, loose tissue. Donna, Les's wife went for the follow-up appointment today. Also cancer.

Les was crying. It is the first time through this entire ordeal I have known him to cry. Until now, he had hope for survival. His lung was removed; only one of the 40= lymph nodes removed during the surgery was cancerous. He has followed every treatment boulder they have hurled at him.

When I asked Les whether he needs me there, he said "not yet." Jim and I are planning to cancel the reservations for our fall cruise. I will not make plans to attend Linda Lee's wedding. Jim's knee surgery is next Wednesday and, if need be, we can find others to caregive for him. I need to see my brother....alive.

I love you Les. I am so very sorry.......

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