Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Good Night and Day

After our adventure out to the DR and Day Care yesterday, both of us were pooped. Jim had had no nap. We ordered in a cheese steak and fries (yes, not allowed on his diet, but you need a real life on occasion), and then fell into bed ~8pm. He only got up one time during the night and did no wandering.

His BP this morning was 80/60, so the DR ordered no diuretics today. The DR also ordered no lactulose, but it was too late for that; he didn't forewarn me he might withhold that. He also said to increase Jim's protein intake so we had chicken parmesan for lunch and will have pork tenderloin for dinner. With Boost, a protein drink.

Jim had a pleasant visit with 2 club friends this morning, and I got a chance to rest and read. Tomorrow, Liza is coming to clean the house and Jim cousin is coming in the afternoon, so I have 2 chances to get to the grocery stores. I need to make another run to Trader Joe's for low salt stuff.

It looks like Jim's first Day Care day might be Wednesday or Thursday. Hopes and prayers that he likes this place!!

Patrick is in tonight. We are now completely on the every other night schedule (holidays aside).

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Alice said...

Sounds like you two are eating great. Sending lots of hugs your way.