Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Adult Day Program, For Now

Jim and I got down to the Day Program an hour before the director came in to "sign us up." We sat at a table with some participants to eat our breakfast, and it became abundantly clear to me that these were people with a very high state of dementia. If part of my objective is to get Jim socialized, this was not the place.

Part of this is because Jim has improved so remarkably in the last few weeks that he has "outgrown" the place. Even the director admitted that he was far more coherent today than he was last week when he visited for a few hours. We left Jim's application and his Dr's form with her, in case Jim should decline and we need to come back. She said she was happy he did not need the close supervision that place provides. (She also told us a story of how her mother, an alcoholic, went into liver failure and lived another 34 years, I think till she was in her 90s.)

So tomorrow we WILL look at the local Senior Center. Activities are provided there, but as we understand, no supervision. For now, he's in the dungeon and has promised not to bother me today. He already has his lunch; I made it this morning.


Alice said...

Good luck with the Senior Center. And I hope you get some work done.


Alice said...
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