Monday, January 15, 2007

Why is Jim so Much Better??

It has to be the removal of the diuretics a week ago Saturday.

He's more mentally alert, sleeping less, ambulating without a walker (scary), calling the cats by their proper names. I took him out to see his bar buddies yesterday (water only), and he was thrilled. When we got home, I took him down to the dungeon, and went around the side of the house to get firewood. I came back with the wood and he was on the front porch, and Maxie was in the front yard! "What are you doing?" I asked. "I wanted to help bring in the wood."

He's been helping to tend the fire today, although I told him only under supervision. The one time he did it alone, he left the firescreen partially open.

I have been saying I want my Jim back. I'm starting to see signs of him again.

The down side of no diuretics is that he is starting to retain fluid again. Ascites--in the belly--and edema--in his feet and legs. The GI guy is keeping him off the diuretucs because his kidney values are so bad. He is not absorbing fluids at the cellular level.

We met with the Hospice nurse and social worker today. Pretty uneventful, except the nurse balked at doing in-home blood draws (an issue we specifically addressed with the intake nurse). We did get his Hospice-paid medications on Saturday and a Hospice-paid (rented) wheelchair and walker today. No bath aide, because she could not make it until noon, and that's too late for both of us. The Hospice is trying to get us onto a 7am schedule.

Last night's substitute private-duty aide was a disaster. An hour late because she was lost, phoned and woke us up, I had to talk her in and then her cell phone died when she was a few blocks away. Jim and I both were up 2 hours after she got here. I called today and cancelled all aides until Patrick gets back next week. With Jim doing so well, I can get a reasonable amount of rest if I'm with him overnight. Lily will miss me (she won't sleep in the dungeon).

I get to meet a member of the FDMB on Wednesday. Her Janie Cat has cancer and Kris is bringing her over to PA for a consult with a vet oncologist. I am working on finding a Jim-sitter (if he's not in Day Care), or I will take him along. He doesn't want to go, but I can't leave him alone for 3+ hours.

We go out tomorrow for my PT and to visit the alternative potential Adult Day Care. Maybe even go to the grocery. I told Jim he could ride in one of those scooters with the basket on the front, and he thinks that might be fun.

Our love to Robin and Glen on their loss of Peri. They are still in such pain.


Alice said...

So glad things are looking up. Sending you both lots of hugs.


Annie said...


It is nice to hear that you saw some of the real Jim in the past week. I pray his liver values improve and you get the rest you need until Patrick returns.

Love, Annie