Monday, January 22, 2007

Increasingly Independent

Jim is absolutely amazing me. Ambulating well, little mental confusion, helping with chores, coming to the kitchen for meals.

Today he went to see his dermatologist for a semi-annual check up for skin cancer. He also has excema. He got a steroid shot from his GP 2.5 weeks ago, and it's just now starting to help. But when he scrathes, he develops bruises and even skin tears. The dermatologist understoof liver failure because her mom has had it from Hep C for 9 years. She said Jim couldn't have another cortisone shot this soon, and he shouldn't have a shot at all because his body can't properly process the drug.

Her idea was UVB treatments 3 times a week for 7 week. He stand nearly naked in this "tanning booth," and gets zapped by a bunch of UVB bulbs. The "dosage" will increase each visit. The has to keep his genitals covered (UVB exposure there, we were told, could cause penile cancer). So to get the maximum effect, he will be wearing tighty whities for the treatments.

He spent 3 hours today as a guest at the adult day program at Gilpin Hall. He didn't mind it once he found out he doesn't have to play the "stupid" reindeer games. At this point, he is the most highly mentally functional in the group. He found out he could get up and walk around for exercise, and that he can bring a book and sit in a recliner to read. (He also had to see his GP for a TB test shot, which will be read in two days. It's a requirement for the adult day programs.)

The problem, though, is that he wants to go only for about 3-4 hours at a time, 3 days a week. And h doesn't want to go until the afternoon. This doesn't work for me, bcause I do my best work-work in the mornings. And I need 5-6 hours uninterrupted. (And 5-6 hours costs the same as 3-4 hours.)

I told him I would give him his car keys, he could drive himself home, and try to figure it all out from there. He said to give him the car keys. Yeah, right.

The light bulb treatment is really throwing a wrench into scheduling.

Tomorrow, the pastor from Compassionate Care Hospice will visit us. The social worker also is trying to get an appointment for this week.

Jim is now refusing to have a Hospice aide come in at 7am to clean him up and fix him breakfast. He wants something around nine. BULLSHIT! By 9 he has already been antsy to be cleaned up and has already had breakfast. Again, he wants me to do it, not someone else.

I need to calm down and get a big white Board out to show him how scheduling is becoming complex and that he is throwing a wrench into it.

I also need to call Paratransit to get him scheduled for his first ride.

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Alice said...

Maybe a large desk type calander would do the trick. And be helpful. Sending lots of love your way.