Monday, April 17, 2006


When might this let up?

Saturday V sat home all day with a very ailing Jim. She had a bridal shower for Liza to cook for/attend, but Dave S. stopped by to pick up/deliver the food. Thanks Dave.

Sunday V went to Ellen and Dick's for Easter dinner. This is an annual thing. Jim couldn't go. Just before dinner, Dr. Boob called V back at her request; ever since the drain was removed, the fluid has built up in there. She rushed to his office and he syringed out 300 ccs of fluid. He still cleared her for chemo tomorrow. .

Ennis to the vet this morning. $326 of office visit/blood tests/urine tests. Scheduled for a dental this Wednesday or next, depending on test results. Vet expects Ennis to be tootherless or nearly so after the dental; lots of broken teeth. V took a Xanax to make sure she could get through the vet visit. Earlier plans were for Jim to go with her and carry this (today) 17 lb cat.

Jim to his GP in about 45 minutes.

First chemo tomorrow. Jim won't be able to go. Jim's neighbor Jean Ann will be dropping off/picking up V. (V says she's a little scared about doing this alone the first time. Maybe she can find someone else to go and sit through the training and chemo with her.)


Fairydragonfly said...

Hi Venita and Jim

Good luck tomorrow and I hope that a beautiful ray of sunshine smiles down on you both. Do let me know when the coins arrive. I'm anxiously waiting to hear what you think of them.

Take good care of yourself, and know that you remain in my thoughts.

Sheree, Nemesis and Kiwi

julie said...

we will be praying for you tomorrow as always that all goes smoothly for oyu my dear friend!

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Great luck tomorrow and big healing hugs all toward you both!

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Our thoughts are with you, Venita. You and Jim can do it!

Annie said...

We are praying for you. I wish I had known before today that you would have liked some help to do the chemo. I'm sure you will do well.Please know I am with you in all this.

blessings, annie

Alice said...

Sending good thoughts your way and wish I could be sending myself your way. You are a very stong woman and you will do what has to be done. Also sending our love and wet cold kisses from Tabby.
Love Alice