Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Start Chemo Next Week!

Yesterday, Venita saw Dr. Boob. He says she is healing nicely from her right breast mastectomy re-incision, but the wound is still draining and leaking too much (over 100 ml/day). He said he would pull the drain on Thursday, regardless of the remaining draining/leakage, because sometimes the drain keeps the wound “weeping" and does not allow it to heal. He also took the stitches out where Dr. Cutter made the left breast biopsy incision.

Today, Venita saw Dr. Chemo. He cleared her to start the Adriamycin/Cytoxan course of chemo next week, provided the drain is gone. She met the nurses in the chemo room (not as depressing as it looks from a distance), and got scrips for blood tests before each treatment and three different nausea medications. She will have to get a shot of Nulasta the day after each treatment to deal with the low white blood cell count that will result from the chemo. She is hoping that she can give herself the shots, or her nearby GP can give the shots, thus avoiding the need to drive 40 minutes each way for a 10 minute visit.

Venita wants to comment again how absolutely positive the chemo group is. Maybe that is a "law" for chemo practices: always be upbeat and never bum out the terminal or those who are completely freaked out by the disease. Venita had the chance to apologize to two of the three center staff involved in Friday's little "postal" (see this post). The one Venita really chewed on, Jewel, did not come out to greet Venita. What a surprise! Venita will have to apologize to her again. Can't be pissing off the ones sticking chemo in your arm.

Three more doctors this week: 1st visit with Dr. Nuke; follow-up with Dr. Cutter; and drain pull with Dr. Boob. No appointments on Friday (yeah; might get some work done). Oh no, Venita is making an awesome salad for a wedding shower on Saturday and an Easter Sunday dinner, so it's off to the grocery on Friday morning and massive cabbage chopping on Friday afternoon.

Ennis, Max's brother goes to the vet on Monday for blood tests, blood pressure check, general exam, and OK for a dental. Man does his breath stink. We're wondering how many extractions this is going to be!! Every day is a new adventure.


Martha and Alley Cat said...

In addition to what ever they give you for stomach upset, please go to a good health food store before you start chemo and buy some ginger capsules and some ginger (hard)candy. Take 1000mgs of the ginger caps a day, 500 am and 500 pm. Not only is it wonderful for an upset stomach (given on boats all the time for sea sickness) it is also a great anti-inflamatory. Check with the docs, but I'll bet they just scratch their heads.

xoxo, dr. mlt

Annie said...


So sorry to hear of all the appointments and the postal incident. with all that you are dealing with, the postal incident is understandable. I'm sure they see it often.

Rudy was just in to see his vet on Monday for dental cleaning. He came home with 4 fewer teeth. His breath was bad too, but all is well now. He hates me, and continues to hide from me; but, he takes his antibiotics and is feeling better now.

Please let me know if I can do anything for you.
Love, Annie