Friday, April 28, 2006

This Week's News

The wound drainage is not slowing down. Dr. Boob continues to draw off about 70cc/day for each day since he last drained it. (Two syringe drainings this week, and every week going forward until it stops retaining fluid.)

Dr. Chemo's office called Wednesday and told Venita she had misunderstood the orders and that ahe only gets chemo every 3 weeks. Venita was, hummm, a little upset looking forward to 6 months of chemo instead of 4 months. Turns out there was a typo inputting some info into the computer. Venita is on a 2-week cycle and will get Chemo 2 on Tuesday May 2.

Venita had a face-to-face with Dr. Chemo today. He said her problem with swallowing is that she has cold sores/mouth ulcers in her throat. Dr. Chemo was pretty surprised by that serious a side effect this early in the game. He put her on an anti-viral medication. Dr. Chemo also wasn't surprised/concerned by Venita's two marble-sized axillary lymph nodes. They have been there since the surgical drain was pulled in mid-April and none of the DRs see anything wrong with that condition.

Venita gained 6 pounds since her last weigh-in on April 18. Not sure how that happened, unless it's the mid-night trips to the fridge for ice cream.

Venita got a new sleeping pill (Lunesta) that she hopes to try tonight. She didn't want to use sleep aids the last two nights because she was watching Ennis after his dental procedure on Wednesday (he had 6 teeth/roots extracted).


Alice said...

If you still can't sleep use valium. Love it. Use enough and an earthquake couldn't wake you. Sorry about the cold sores and hope the side effects ease up.

Love Alice

Martha and Alley Cat said...


Have you found a breast cancer support group yet to join? Either on-line or really better yet in person, at a group meeting. Even if you think you are not a group person, you do need this type of group. Reason is because here you will find many who can help in big ways. We are here for you, but you need the support of a breast cancer group too. I'll help you find one if you have not already. The hospitals always know where they are and when the meet.