Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jim Fell

Going home yesterday, Jim took a header into the concrete walkway. V didn't get the phone messages from his neighbor/the ER until two hours later.

70 mph on the highway to the ER. They had given Jim a CT scan and a tentanus shot, but they had done nothing else. V started cleaning him up (facial wounds bleed alot), asked for a pillow and a gown, asked to talk with the DR. About 30 minutes later this very nice, very young man comes in--Dr. Moen. V explained Jim's minor bout with a stomach virus and with dizziness this week, and the DR deduced that Jim must be dehydrated. (Maybe, maybe not; Jim's BP in the ER later was 102/56. Jim usually gets something like 160/95 in the DR office. Something not right here.)

Thank God, no facial fractures, no stiches.

V also asked the DR to chat with Jim about his stress over her cancer. The DR explained to Jim that because he has to be strong for V, he has to talk with his GP about the stress.

V called Jim's GP before she saw the ER DR. That GP and V do not get along; until last summer he was V's GP. GP basically blew V off (he's out of town on holiday, Jim's in a medical facility, nothing he could add, yada yada).

Jim's at V's house now, and not allowed off the couch or out of bed without assistance. "What's the rule?" "I don't move."

Jean, one of Jim's neighbors, has offered to drive us to V's first chemo on Tuesday. No way V will let Jim drive, and she's not sure whether she will be able to. Bless the kindness of friends and neighbors. Bless you all!!


Alice said...

I'am sending extra large healing vibes your way as you both need them. Feel better soon.
Love Alice

Annie said...


I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. You are dealing with alot also, and will remain in our prayers.

Love, Annie and Doug