Friday, April 07, 2006

Just Another Manic Friday

It's been a BC-quiet week; Venita's been trying to get some work-work done. Thought she was getting better after the surgery; she went to the grocery and cooked on Thursday--the first time since before her mastectomy. However, V went postal on a nurse this afternoon.

She had a phone message when she got in this afternoon at 2:30 (timed at 1:45) saying there was a problem with her Tuesday appointment with Dr. Chemo and to call back by 2. V called right back and Jewel (another nurse) said she doesn't have a clue what it's about and to return the call to Tony on Monday. Damn we hate that "last call of the day" stuff, the HIPPA stuff that won't let them leave a detailed message, and no offer to return the call (their time is so precious). V did call back to apologize to Jewel for the abuse.

V sent Jim home today. He's stayed with her every night except maybe four since her first biopsy. But V's been feeling more up to taking care of the cats and her meals, and not so concerned about drug reactions, so Jim is back to his own home. Lots of things there have not been getting done, and he's been feeling the stress of being away from the comforts of home (including being able to yell at the TV when the Phillies play like the Phillies). (A little baseball humor; new season, same Phillies.)

BC-related activity will gear back up next week, with visits to Dr. Chemo (hopefully we'll hear that V is post-surgically ready to start chemo), Dr. Nuke (the first consultation to find out what that's all about), and hopefully Dr. Boob to remove the last drain (although the thing is still draining over 100 ML/day when it needs to be down to less than 25 ML/day for the drain to be removed). V feels like the pain/discomfort from the expander/insert is NEVER going away. If the permanent implant is this uncomfortable, well, hummmmm, it's going to be out of here!

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Robin said...

Venita-Diane's expanders annoyed her till her first "fill." Then they were ok.

Thought-can you do something fun with yourself tomorrow...ouuuu that sounds I mean like go for a movie or something NOT C related....something you like and miss being able to do.

I hope this posts!