Friday, February 24, 2006

Cast of Characters

The contributors:

Venita--The woman with breast cancer, and the one who writes most of this stuff

Jim--Venita's dear husband, working with Venita to survive breast cancer, but technology challenged so he doesn't directly add to this blog

Steve--A friend from the Feline Diabetes Message Board and the Pet Diabetes Wiki who knows IT and who is a co-administrator on this site because Venita also is somewhat technology challenged.

The doctors:

Dr. Cutter--Diana Dickson-Witmer, breast surgeon
Dr. Chemo--Timothy Wozniak, medical oncologist
Dr. Boob--Joe Danyo, reconstructive surgeon
Dr. Nuke--The radiation oncologist, to be identified later in the process
Dr. Primary--Christine Diehl, Venita's family doctor (primary care physician)


cindy said...

Venita - You don't feel Dr. Glow is right?

Dr. Flash
Dr. Boreales (Northern Lights) Okay too obscure
Dr. Halo
Dr. Radiation

I'll have to think about it.

How about Dr. Nuke?

julie said...

what about one of these? I like the hungarian translation...


Finnish: säteily

German: Strahlung

Hungarian: sugárzás

Slovenian: sevanje

Danish: stråling

French: radiation