Monday, February 27, 2006

Why All These Big Dollar Words?

Carcinoma. Why not cancer?

It seems everywhere we turn with these medical professionals they are dropping a new big dollar word on us so that we have to ask for a definition. We did not take Latin in school, and even if we had, that was way too long ago.

Define it and spell it so that Venita can google it to confirm what we are being told and find about what we weren't told because we were too ignorant to ask the appropriate questions.

Yes we understand there is a need for medical "precision." Given we are both trained as accountants, we also understand that different professionals have their own "professional speak." Accountants love acronyms--that really throws people off. GASB, FASB, OCBOA, yeah maybe some of you know what those mean, but not the general public.

Venita, who now writes for a living, always tries to gauge her language by what her mother would have understood. Her mother would have understood carcinoma, but would have wondered about the need for 2 more syllables. Cancer would have been just fine.

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