Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thank you all!!

This week Venita received a gift from three of her FDMB friends. A small resin statue of a small breasted woman with arms stretched upward and her hands in fists. The statue is named Courage. The imprint on the card that came with it read:

Outside--You are a woman of strength, courage, vitality, and
You love life, and you give it your best . . .

Inside--Those are just some of the reasons so many people are drawn to you--reasons why you have a world of love and support behind you now.

Courage has gone to all our DR visits. Thank you Robin, Martha, and Julie.

An email Venita sent to professional colleagues included a comment that chocolate, fudge, thoughts, and prayers are always welcome. A few days later, she got a box with awesome Kentucky-made chocolates and fudge from our friends at NASACT:

Jim's neighbors Jean and Marvin had been offering help for a few weeks. Last week, they gave Jim a gift bag that included a lap throw that Jean had crocheted. Thank you so so much Jean. Venita already has napped several times with that very comfy throw.

The day Venita got her biopsy results, Alice of FDMB sent her a beautiful basket of flowers. It had a helium balloon that the cats got to play with for days until Venita found Max throwing up part of the silver ribbon that attached the balloon to the basket. Now the balloon lives on the office ceiling and the cats can only stare longingly at it.

Many many other people have offered so much support in so many ways. Food from neighbors, blog IT support from Steve, and most importantly in person statements and emails of encouragement from all of you. We have never felt so blessed.

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don goldstein said...

Received your e-mail about the Blog. You did a great job with it. We will read it daily to stay up with your progress and make comments.


Betty & Goldy