Friday, February 24, 2006

Schedule of Past Events

May 2006
Week of 5/15/06--Some PT; visit with Dr. Primary; Chemo 3; begin expanding implant; Bailey's eventually terminal illness begins to get serious. Details here
Week of 5/8/06--Some PT; some draining; working on chemo pain management. Details here and here
5/2-7/06--Chemo 2; started PT; PAP smear; and follow-up with Dr. Cutter. Details here and here
5/1/06--Dr. Boob draining.
5/1/06--Physical theraphy evaluation. Details here

April 2006
4/28/06--Dr. Chemo; checkup and write orders for Chemo 2.
4/20/06, 4/24/06, and 4/27/06--Dr. Boob look-see/draining.
4/19/06--Neulasta shot. (Day after each chemo session.)
4/18/06--Chemo training and first chemo session.
4/16/06--Emergency wound draining by Dr. Boob. Details here. Drainage explained here.
4/13/06--Follow up with Dr. Cutter and Dr. Boob. Dr. Cutter removes drain. Details here
4/12/06--First consult with Dr. Nuke. Details here
4/10 and 11/06--Dr. Chemo approves Venita for chemo to start next week, provided the drain is out; Dr. Boob followup (drain stays in and scar looks good). Details here
4/3/06--Venita's wellness and sanity checkup with Dr. Primary and surgery follow-up with Dr. Boob. Details here

March 2006
3/30/06--Jim's "revisit" with his GP to assess results of stress treatment. Jim's OK; continue reduced diuretic
3/29/06--Surgery with Dr. Boob to remove necrotic tissue from right breat mast scar. Details here
3/28/06--Consult with Dr. Chemo. Details here
3/27/06--Path reports from Dr. Cutter, post-surgical exam by Dr. Boob, and Jim sees his GP for stress reaction. Details here
3/23/06--Post-surgical exam by Dr. Boob's nurse
3/22/06--Breast cancer conference with Dr. Susan Love. Details here

Yes, Venita's working though to add links

3/19/06--Post-surgical exam by Dr. Boob
3/17/06--Right breast mastectomy and reconstruction; overnight stay
3/15/06--Left breast biopsy (outpatient)
3/14/06--Dental cleaning and exam
3/13/06--Consult on overall situation with Dr. Primary (obtaining drugs for anxiety problems); history interview with surgical nurse.
3/7/06--Meet with lawyer to update will and health care and health care powers of attorney.
2/28/06--MRI consult with Dr. Cutter
2/27 06--MUGA Scan
2/23/06--Initial consult with Dr. Boob, reconstructive surgeon
2/22/06--Post-surgical checkup with Dr. Cutter. Ischemia in right breast nipple. Initial results of MRI showing possible left breast involvement.
2/22/06--Initial consult with Dr. Chemo, medical oncologist. Chest X-Ray, blood draw for hormones.
2/20/06--MRI on breasts.
2/16/06--Post-surgical consult with Dr. Cutter. DX of breast cancer
2/10/06--Biopsy (outpatient)
2/9/06--Presurgical consult with Dr. Cutter
2/7/06--History interview with surgical nurse. Stress test because of failed EKG. Passed this one!
2/6/06--EKG with family doctor. Failed test.
2/3/06--Pre-surgical blood draw
1/26/06--Intitial consult with Dr. Cutter, breast surgeon
1/5/16--Annual exam with GYN. Referred to breast surgeon
12/12/05--Bilateral mammogram and right breast ultrasound
12/5/05--GYN visit for breast mass

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