Friday, February 24, 2006

Longwood Gardens Pictures

To accompany these pictures, I have found three wonderful renditions of "Memories" from the musical Cats. One on piano, one on harmonica, and one on acoustic guitar. Please choose whichever one (or maybe all 3) that you would like to hear as you look at the pictures.

Alice and Tabby

Ann and Smokey (GA)

Bev and Mitsy

Cheri and Patriot

Cindy and Tritone

Cindy and Patches

Deb and The Colonel, her Dad

Deb415 (Deb and Gizmo)

dian and wheezer

Donna and Shiloh and McKaela

Francine and Garth; not really, this is Francis the talking mule

Heather and Chico; not really, Heather Locklear

Holly and Belle

Hope4Bella (Marlene)

Jess and Earl

Julie and Smokey

Kate and Dozer

Kris and Jane

Kristen and Bobcat

Lisa and Merlyn

Maggie and Mousey Tongue; listen to Maggie May here; I love this song!! I hope Maggie does too.

Marjorie and Tigger (13 YO pic)

Pam and Stasha; nope another Pamela

Peaches (Sheryl)

Robin's DH Glen

Robin and Peri

Sandra and Barney

Stefani and Toonces Click--here--to visit the Toonces project.


Venita and The Boyz, and Jim, before we got sick. Our blog is here.

WCF and Meowzi


Anonymous said...

My freakin head looks giant. I may need to send you a photo from my younger teen years.LOL

Peaches said...

I don't know about everyone else's computer, but mine at work shows my name next to Pamela Anderson so it's all good here...and by the way least you aren't wearing a silly hate...Julie and I were messing around at the mall when both of ours were taken so we sent them in to be funny...they don't look bad though I guess...

Venita and Jim said...


I'm not surprised that something looks out of whack. When I do it up and check it on preview, everything looks fine. But after publishing, some things move around. I hope I have fixed your problem without creating a new one.

I love the hats. Looks like you 2 were having a fun day!!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Good Job!

Sandra & Barney said...

Well, when I took the picture with my MAC, I thought I looked pretty good.......and, as usual, I DO NOT photograph well(of course its the camera trying to make me look unphotogenic, and it worked, LOL)

H Duncan said...

Hi, Wish you the best - from the guy playing 'Memory' on his harmonica. HD

Venita and Jim said...

Really HD?? How in the world did you find that I had linked to you from my blog???

I love your harmonica rendition of the song. Thank you for sharing that.

I don't know that you know about this particular page in the blog, but I was planning a trip to Longwood Gardens for folks from my Diabetic Cats message board, and I thought Memories would be a good background song as we got to know each others' faces.

BTW, the visit was GREAT!! The crazy cat women (and one guy) were amazing.