Sunday, February 26, 2006

What's FDMB got to do with it?

Venita has four cats. Our favorite is Maxwell, he's easy to get along with and doesn't cause any trouble. Well, he does beat up on Lily, but she usually deserves it.

In July 2005, Maxie was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Didn't know cats could get that. The vet sent us home with insulin, instructions on how to use it, and a suggestion that we buy some Karo syrup in the event of a hypoglycemic attack. That didn't seem like enough for Venita and she searched the Internet for information about the disease. She found the Feline Diabetes Message Board.

With alot of hard work, including taking blood from Max's ear at least 4 times a day and testing it for blood sugar level with a glucometer, and the help of scores of people on the FDMB, Max had his last insulin shot on 12/31/05, and is now diet controlled within normal blood sugar levels.

That Board brought Venita new friends, many of whom are sharing this journey with us.

That Board also brought Venita to be involved in the Pet Diabetes Wiki, although much of her activity there is curtailed with this breast cancer challenge. You can read about Max's journey through diabetes and see his picture in his case study on the wiki.

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Linda L said...

Hello Venita. If you get this it means that I have successfully created a blog and an identity to connect with you. This is really challenging for someone so computer challenged. LOL