Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm Getting Scared Now (by V)

The GI DR gave us an update yesterday. Confirming what I had observed about Jim's reaction and behavior, he said that the blood tests showed that Jim's condition had worsened over the weekend and now is quite serious. The liver continues to fail, and now the kidneys are having some trouble. The DR put Jim on cortosones (prednilosone) for his liver and something else for his kidneys. Of course, Jim continues on various vitamin and enzyme supplements and gets medications for his confusion/anxiety.

I thought Jim's confusion Sunday was bad, because it was combined with anger/refusal to cooporate with the hospital staff. Monday was worse. Jim was confused, but it was like he had given up, like he was saying, "I don't know why you want what you want, but I'll do what you want." Maybe I shouldn't have told him the rule was "do what the staff wants you to." It was so sad (broke my heart) to see such a strong man broken down so much. God, I love him.

The GI DR indicated that right now Jim's prognosis is uncertain and his timeline is openended.

I had significant trouble with the level of care in the hospital yesterday. There were no nurses aids available to help with Jim and the RNs were overwhelmed. It was completely unacceptable. I was doing things that I should not have been doing to care for Jim. I lodged a complaint with the head of nursing, like that's going to do anything.

I woke up during the night in such pain from pulled muscles and my neuropathy that I had to take Percocets.

I may have to reschedule my breast surgery over this. God, I am so glad that my friend Annie has agreed to come help with my surgery. That is one lifeline I am holding onto right now.

Please thoughts and prayers for Jim. If you want to send him a card, you can mail them to my address, 503 Ruxton Drive, Wilmington, DE 19809.

I don't mean to be harsh with folks, because I know they are just showing care, but I've got about 6 of Jim's friends that want me to call with daily updates on his care and condition. I can't do that much. Just as I created this blog for updates about my cancer, I need to find a solution for updates about Jim. Maybe I'll try to find one or 2 people to talk to and let them send the word out to the others. I'm just concerned about the telephone game errors that can happen. (These are folks that for the most part are not computer literate and don't know about the blog.)

Another solution might be to post a notice each day or two on the bulletin board over at his drinking club. Yes, that might be the ticket.

Cats are fine. I am fine, although pretty tired and sore. No work-work, no yard work, no outside the home chores getting done. But I am big time loving on my husband, which is the most important right now, even though he likely won't remember it.

Thank you all so much for the thoughts and prayers and cards and such you have sent to me. Love you!


Martha and Alley Cat said...

Holding you and Jim in our thoughts!

martha and alley cat

Alice said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. I am thinking about you both everyday. I wish things could be soooo much better for the both of you. Sending big giant kisses to you. And a big wet one from Tabby.LOL