Saturday, August 19, 2006

Still Can't Catch a Break

V was in the midst of writing a blog update on her cats, on Jim, and on her 3 DR visits this week, when she got a call from Dr. Chemo. Now all that other stuff seems unimportant.

V had a CT scan of her lungs Thursday. Dr. Chemo said that what on X-Ray looked like a pulmonary infiltration (which V has come to learn means “something somewhat minor but we don’t know exactly what it is”), now with the CT scan appears more solid. What does that mean? Dr. Chemo said it’s a 2 cm area that’s not metastatic breast cancer but that may be lung cancer. This is in the upper lobe of V’s left lung.

Dr. Chemo wants V to consult a thoracic surgeon next week. The thoracic surgeon may do a needle biopsy or a bronchoscopy, where they go into V’s lungs with a scope and take a look around and excise tissue out for pathology. There is some basic information about diagnosing lung cancer here.

Some may ask how lung cancer can occur during chemo for breast cancer. This is just a guess. Chemo is targeted to a particular kind of cancer. The chemo for breast cancers may not affect lung cancers.

Any name suggestions for the thoracic surgeon? Cindy? You’re among the best at these names, although V’s former husband did come up with PT Bruiser for the physical therapist.

We’ll let you know how this goes. For the time being, we are devastated.

The left breast mastectomy had been rescheduled for September 8. Dr. Chemo said that the spot in the lung takes precedence.


Alice said...


Sending even more hugs and kisses. And I will be praying for this to be something else.


DebandGiz said...

Dearest, dearest Venita,

I have just spent the afternoon reading your entire journal, and all the lovely responses from your loving, supportive friends...

I've always thought you were an amazing woman... Now I know that for certain...

Please know that you have a permanent spot in my heart, too... And it brims with hope for you! And it always will!

Even though we're so incredibly late to your dance, I hope it's okay with you and Jim if we stick around from now on... Hell, Giz had to get her own blog site (Gizmo's Sugar Dance) just for us to get here! So, if it's okay with you, we'll be visiting...

Much love and countless hopeful, healing, tender hugs,
Deb & Giz (Can I write to Max and Ennis here too, mommy?)

Venita and Jim said...

Deb, so happy you signed up to comment and hope you will stick around. A Giz blog will be fun...maybe you can bring over some of "the best of FDMB" stories.

Max and Ennis look forward to hearing from sweet Gizmo.


Venita and Jim said...

Announcement of this development/responses on FDMB here.

DebandGiz said...

To my furry friends, Max and Ennis,

Hi! This is so cool to have this special place to write to you guys...

How are you doing? Are you taking extra good care of your mommy? Sometimes mommys need us to take care of them... So you be sure to give her extra snuggles and be good kidimals, okay?

Headbutts, pawpats, and purrs,
Your friend,
xx oo

PS: And extra tiny little pawpats for your cheek, dear Venita... Can you feel them?

Fairydragonfly said...

Hi Venita,

As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Venita and Jim said...


Mombean V said I could write to you here. Ennis is laying on his side in front of the AC duct. He thinks he's having womanopause.

I am at Mom's side all the time, although she usually doesn't like as much closeness as I like. I'm not sure why she doesn't want me to wake her at 3AM licking her lips.

Lily is here too, but I don't like that girly cat. When Ennie and I were young, Mom brought Lily to live with us. Ennie fell in love with Lily and didn't spend much time with me anymore. Since then I have done my best to terrorize her. And I have succeeded. But now we're getting old and I mostly just glare at her now instead of chasing her and beating her up until she screams. It scares her just as much and is just as much fun for me!!

PS, Giz, I don't dislike all girl cats. I think a girl kitty nicknamed Cujo would be a match (or better) for me.


DebandGiz said...

Maxomine! And you too, Ennis, if you can tear yourself away from the A/C... (Lily, I'll get to you in a minute or two, okay?)

Mommy nicknamed me Cujo when I was very, very little because I taught her extremely well... My "aunt" Donna's family was torn between calling me Gizzie Blair and the spawn of satan... I am girl cat, hear me roar!!!!!

But I won't roar at you -- unless you piss me off, okay, buddy?

So do you not like Lily because Ennis does? Or because he started liking her as much as he likes you? Or just because all of a sudden, you had to start dealing with girly stuff? Just curious is all... Although I like it very much that you can scare the you know what out of her just by glaring! How purrfectly efficient!!!

Speaking of girly stuff, sometimes mommys don't like being kissed... I haven't figured out why yet, but can tell you it usually happens when you decide to kiss them and tell them all about your day -- but have to wake them up to have a chat... I don't think mommys like their night naps interrupted for cat chats... Or kisses either...

Between you and me, Max, my mommy doesn't care for me staring her awake either... Sometimes I get really, really, really close to her face, but not so close as to give myself away with a whisker touch, and stare at her... And stare at her... And STARE at her! She's mine the second I see the teeniest part of a blue eye looking straight at me! Okay, so lots of time she curses when I do this, but not so much lately... She just kind of mumbles oh Gizzie and starts petting and cuddling me until I start purring and we both fall back asleep...

But lick lipping, Max? Hmmm... That has definite possibilities... Yep, indeed it does... Thanks, buddy!

Okay, now it's Lily's turn, so please go get her... Just let Ennis keep doing his A/C thing...

Lily, Lily, Lily... You have to start sticking up for yourself, girlfriend! I can teach you if you want... And I have a friend named Mittsi who could teach us both a thing or two! Just let me know, okay?

Okay you band of furry pranksters, take good care of your mommy! And that's an order!!!

Headbutts, pawpats, and all-knowing purrs,
Your friend,
xx oo

PS: And even more girly little pawpats for your cheek, dear Venita... You can save them for later if you're not in the mood right now, okay?

Venita and Jim said...

:) Giz, you are the greatest! Yep, what's this about their not liking being stared awake. We know Mombean is waking up because she stopped snoring.

Giz and Mittsi, help me with these big boys. I'm just a little girly.

DebandGiz said...

Pssssstttt, Lily? Are you there? It's me, Giz... Shhh, don't tell the boys, okay?

Okay, lesson number one -- pretend you could absolutely care less. It drives them nuts! And, as a bonus, they can be quite entertaining trying to get your attention! But don't let them know you find them amusing, okay? Well, at least, not right away... Just be aloof, perhaps preen your cheek a bit, and then just casually saunter away...

This could also work when Max tries to scare you with his glare... But please don't tell him I told you this because he's my buddy too... It'll just be between us girlies, okay?

You practice this technique for a bit, okay Lily? It will build your self esteem up enough for Lesson number two -- vocalizing your displeasure... I own that one!

I have to go now because mommy brought stupid work home with her and needs the miniMac... Hmmph... Home time is supposed to be my time!

You take good care of your mommy, Lily... And practice what I told you... Hey! You could even tell the boys I said hi! That'll make them wonder...

Heabutts, pawpats, and it's fun being a girl kind of purrs,
Your friend,
xx oo