Monday, August 21, 2006

Thoracic Surgeon Appointment

Wednesday, 3 PM Eastern. No procedures planned; just talking. The office understands the urgency of coordinating with the 9/8 mastectomy/reconstruction surgery.

Thoracic surgeon is Dr. Bruce Panasuk (pronounced Pan-A-SUCK). We still need a nickname. Maybe Dr. Chest Sucker? What else? Cindy? Charlie?

Nurse neighbor Mary brought V a hummingbird feeder yesterday. Mary hung it on a shepherd's hook outside V's kitchen/FL room windows. She said it may take up to a week to attract the birds. V was on Mary's back deck this AM and her feeder there had ~ 4 hummingbirds at one time. They were making bird noises and resting on the feeder holder from time to time. V didn't know they did that.

Nice weather today. Low humidity. Crisp, clear. Almost springlike.

Jim went home after a weekend here of eating and holding. He says he will call the DR today about his dizziness/inappetance. He is using the cane V borrowed from one of his neighbors. It makes him much more sure footed.

We are getting over the devastation.


cindy said...

Dear Venita - I have just been catching up on your posts. I'm so sorry about this latest development. Hopefully there will not be a need for a long-term name for the thoracic surgeon.

In the meantime - Dr. Exhale, Dr. Wind, Dr. HotAir.. come to mind. Hal A. Tosis

You can beat this. Don't give up.

Watching hummingbirds can be theraputic. It is really cool when they perch for awhile. I have a small feeder, they drain it every two days. I keep a big jar of sugar water (Did you learn the ratio? 4 parts water to 1 part sugar) in the fridge.

Also - I got your message; I've had some late nights and worry about waking you. I know you need a lot of sleep..

Martha and Alley Cat said...

Holding you in our thoughts everyday.

martha and alley cat

DebandGiz said...

One day and one hummingbird at a time, dearest Venita...

Giz and I might take a crack at a nickname for Dr. Bruce, if that's okay... Although must confess naming water bowls is more our forte... Julie's Clancy had a metal dog bowl that he used to fling against the wall in the middle of the night to let her know it needed filling... That was a no brainer -- Gunga Din! Carla rigged up a huge French crystal salad bowl to a board with a towel under it for Muffin, who also liked to bathe in it... We named that one Jacques Cousteau... And of course, Giz has her beloved Mel... We'll give some thought to a new moniker for Dr. Bruce...

I didn't know hummingbirds rested either...

Much love and we're holding you close kind of hopeful, healing hugs,
Deb & Giz (I'll work on that name for you, dear Venita! Although it will be hard to top Pan-A-SUCK!)

PS: You sound good today... I'm smiling...

Alice said...

So glad you have a speedy appointment with the dr. One day at a time. And humingbirds are great to watch. You can buy already made nectar at Walmart in jugs. Keep us posted. Hugs to you.

Love Alice

Robin said...

I just can't believe this Venita!! (thanks for alerting me Julie)
When are you going to catch a frigging break here!!!

I am so sorry my friend that you have to go through even more crap!