Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank you

So many of you have contacted us about the latest development with V's lung. Thank you for your electronic/telephonic/snail-mail/in-person hugs.

We see the thoracic surgeon today. Wish us strength and lots of Kleenex.


Alice said...

Will be thinking of you all day.
((Venita and Jim))


Cheri said...

Praying that you do not need those kleenex today. Many hugs Venita, I have been out of the loop and now catching up. Had not realized there was a spot on the lung issue in the mix. I'm sorry to hear about this new scare and I hope that's all it is, a scare and nothing more. More prayers that there is no need to name the lung doctor because he is not necessary.

DebandGiz said...

Please add more of our hopeful, healing, strong thoughts and prayers for you both today, dearest Venita,

We're all holding you so close in our hearts...

Much love and perhaps more hugs than you could ever imagine,
Deb & Giz (And more tiny little pawpats for your cheek, dear Venita...)