Monday, November 13, 2006

Senseless Ultrasound?

The hospital doctor ordered an ultrasound of Jim's legs today. Neither of us knew this was scheduled. He was checking to make sure Jim didn't have clots in his legs.

That makes no sense given Jim has been up on his feet doing heavy rehab for over a week. Perhaps if the DR thought this was important, he should have done it before he ordered Jim off bedrest and onto therapy?

What do I know.

Radiation fatigue is really starting to slam me. I took a 2 hour nap today, and it didn't seem to help. I might not be able to give Jim all the attention he needs when he comes home. We'll work it out somehow. Only 13 more radiation treatments.

Jim's military insurance did talk with me today, and we got good news about his coverage. We will have little out of pocket costs. The only things that we currently think he might need that Medicare and Tricare for Life don't cover are custodial care in a nursing home and nutritional consultations. We can handle the cost of the nutritionist ourselves, and if he needs custodial care, I will likely just keep him home and get home health or hospice help (which they do cover, if he qualifies, which he likely will).

Jim got weighed yesterday. He's down to 183 lbs, from the 225 he was when this all started, and the 195 he was when he last went into the ER.

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Alice said...

Get as much rest as you can. And plan on getting all the outside help you can with Jim's care. Glad you got good news about his coverage. Sending lots of love your way.