Sunday, November 26, 2006

Trouble in Paradise

Jim's mind started to cloud again yesterday. For example, he insisted it was 1906, tried to put the TV remote control into his glasses case, and tried to put clean socks on over his dirty ones. Jim and I discussed it, and he agrees that he is confused.

I need someone smarter and stronger than me to deal with this.

I am going to severly reduce the protein in his diet today. (Protein, which can't be well metabolized by his liver, turns into ammonia, which causes the encepalopathy.) I also slightly increased his lactulose, an ammonia-binding laxative, last night.

Thank God that Jim loves and trusts me, and isn't fighting me when he gets confused and scared. As long as I stay calm, so does he, and he will take direction from me.

I may need to cancel my therapy next week if this keeps up. I can't leave him alone for 2 hours while I radiate and exercise.


Alice said...

I hope you can find a balance for him and still take care of yourself. I also hope you can make your appointments next week. Sending lots of love and great big hugs to you both.


Annie said...


It sounds like you're a great cook and dietician.

Please take care of yourself also. You really need to get to your treatments. Are there private duty nurses available to come in for the time you need to be away? This is what we had to do for my grandmother before we used hospice care.

Love ya,