Saturday, November 18, 2006

We Played "Go Fish" . . ..

...and Jim almost beat me. His mental functions are definitely improving. He still bruises too easily, but his belly and leg swelling is almost completely resolved and he is having pretty healthy poops, despite the lactulose. His appetite is fabulous.

He's still on target for coming home next week. The case manager talked about Monday or Tuesday, but we would prefer Wednesday, so that he get 2 days of rehab there.

Yesterday, Jim's PT concentrated on walking, including with a cane. Monday, he plans to concentrate on steps, including a full flight in the hospital stairwell.

This morning I plan to rake leaves, and go in in the afternoon to exercise and walk Jim and stay with him through dinner.

Sunday, I will start my day with radiation, to make up for the 4-day break the treatment center takes over Thanksgiving.

I saw the GI guy for myself yesterday, and his advice was to cut back on alcohol. I will get follow-up blood tests (for the single whacky liver function) in 3 months and a follow CT scan (for the slightly enlarged liver and 4 mm lesion) in 6 months. He says the lesion is too small to do any other diagnostics on, but that because of my breast cancer history, he can't completely rule out that it might be metastatic disease. Therefore, he wants to watch for any change. However, statistically (absent the breast cancer), the lesion is nothing.

I need to start working on Jim-appropriate food for the house. Low salt, low sugar, low protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and veges. I am so excited about having to do a big grocery shopping trip on Thanksgiving week! I popped into the store yesterday just to pick up clementine oranges and milk, and it took me 1/2 hour to get through checkout.


Annie said...

Via, This is good news. I hope you and Jim can have a nice Thanksgiving together at home!

Love, Annie, Doug, Tiger, Rudy, and Ashley

{Steve Rapaport} said...

Great news V!

Hi to Jim!

Alice said...

I am still enjoying all the good news. Oh, you will love the huge crowds this week at the store. This is the week I go in and buy all my homemade pies.LOL
This is so wonderful. I bet you buy a ton of food. Sending lots of love your way.