Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Not Patrick" was not Patrick

Mimi. She got here a little late. She had trouble speaking English. She did the house cleaning well while I was gone 2 hours to the grocery.

There are very strange people at the 24-hour grocery in the middle of the night.

There are also very scarey people on the road at 2AM.

Mimi didn't help me bring in the 12 bags of groceries and 2 cases of bottled water. She sat on the couch downstairs. Watching TV with the sound uo while Jim tried to sleep. In her coat and hat, which she never took off.

She asked whether I wanted help unpacking, and when I said yes, questioned whether each item (even the canned tomatoes) were to go into the fridge.

I went upstairs to talk with Deb (my middle of the night friend) and Mimi ran up to get me because Jim was in distress. Distress? No, he wanted to go onto the commode.

Long story short, I told her at 5am (2.5 hours early on her shift) that she could leave. Why pay that much for someone who Jim is not comfortable asking for help?

And now he wants Patrick 4 nights a week, not just 3.

SIGH. I need sleep.

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Alice said...

I would tell them not to send Mimi again. And if they do than send her right back out the door. I would say she's right off the boat. Sorry