Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Patrick's Wife is Sick

Patrick showed up at the appointed hour last night, but then had to leave to take his wife to the hospital. Kidney infection, he said. He also had to deal with his 19 month old daughter. The business owner offered to come sit with Jim, but I said no. I am so tired this morning. Jim wanted up at 6:30; I got him up and gave him a small breakfast and fell back into bed. Now he's back in bed (at 9am) and here I am. This will be a disjointed day. I still have to give him his morning meds. This on top of him starting to feel better yesterday,

I spoke to the home health agency; they help to maintain IV meds and PICC lines for their clients. I talked to Jim's GP, and he refused to treat Jim IV at home, but agreed to a PICC line (for blood draws) if I could find a surgeon to put one in. He again said Jim should be in the hospital. I hate this guy.

It's starting to look alot like hospice.

I found a "chat board" for hepatitis. It looks like most people there are caregivers to folks with end-stage liver disease, like Jim. It's a very slow Board, so I may not be able to pick up much. Bet those caregivers are doing something other than hanging out on the Internet!!

A good day to all!

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Alice said...

I hope Patrick can get back to you two asap. Sending more hugs your way.