Friday, December 15, 2006


I am taking Jim to the St. Francis radiation department in the morning to have a PICC line installed. This will allow the nurses to draw his blood without using a needle. He's very anxious about having the procedure.

Jim's PT David said that next week is likely the last week of therapy; that he will have taught Jim all he needs to know to accomplish his goal of climbing stairs. Then it will be up to Jim and me to continue to strengthen him. I wish I could find ways to motivate Jim to exercise. I know he doesn't want to because he doesn't feel well, but it is imperative to his wellbeing, not to mention his low blood pressure, that he be as active as possible. David is not available for private-duty PT, but said he would try to think of someone to recommend.

I don't know how long the nurse intends to stick with us. The bath aides are still pretty much MIA. One was supposed to come today at noon, and called at 12:45 to say she was running a little late. Well, yeah! By the time she called, Jim and I already had finished cleaning him up. In the 22 days since he has been home, Jim has only received bathing assistance from this agency's aides twice. Jim calls them "as useless as tits on a boar hog."

Patrick is with Jim right now. It's amazing how Jim likes and trusts this young man. We were truly lucky to have found him.

The DE Hospice Transitions program has finally found a volunteer who will sit with Jim on occasion. Jack. He is supposed to be calling me to set something up. Hopefully, we can get a routine down where Jack comes in for 2-3 hours at a time at least once a week so that I can get to the grocery and Target.

My radiation burn is lessening. The irradiated skin is really tightening up; the "scarring" I was told would happen.


{Steve Rapaport} said...

I didn't understand why Jim was apprehensive so I looked it up. Yeah that's a bit scary.

Sympathies to Jim. Chin up! All our love,

Annie said...


We are so glad to hear that your radiation burn is healing up. Patrick is a real blessing. hopefully, the hospice care volunteer will be as good.