Thursday, December 07, 2006

Small Victories

Last night Jim made it to the bedside commode 3 times unassisted. Well, I gave verbal directions twice. This is a huge step over, say, Sunday night when I was physically directing him and could not get him to turn or sit without many tries at it.

I found that out our local pharmacy delivers for free. So I won't need to find sitters while I pick up scrips.

Jim has to go out this morning for a visit with his GP. I'm going to try to get the wheelchair into the car to get him into the DR building. Wish me luck!


{Steve Rapaport} said...

Good luck, Venita!

For colds I recommend this Zinc Acetate (accept no substitutes, it's heavily patented)

Warning: don't mix it with Vitamin C in your mouth or throat, it reduces or nullifies its work. In the stomach is fine. The stuff works before you swallow it, it's a lozenge.

Alice said...

I hope the apt. with Jim's GP went well. Glad you won't have to go out for meds all the time. It's great they deliver.