Sunday, February 18, 2007

Counseling Starts Monday

and it can't come too soon. I missed both my AM and PM pills yesterday, and that's not good. No meals either, even though I bought myself a filet of beef.

The GP had no recommendations for a psychologist. PT Bruiser said that she didn't have that tool in her arsenal, although she should.

Thank God I called the Breast Care Coordinator at the cancer center. They do counseling, free of charge, for cancer patients and family. I have an appt at 2pm with a PhD candidate who is doing her residency there. She's only be there a couple more months, but maybe I can get my grief resolved by then. If not, I'm sure I'll just move onto another counselor. Her name is Kim, but we need another "faux" name. Dr. Head? Almost Dr. Head?

So Monday, I will go to the cancer center for my followup with Dr. Chemo, Jim and I will get blood drawn, I will bring him home, and then another trip to the cancer center. (I hate that it's 45 minutes each way.)

Yesterday my great neighbor Kurt installed a new firedoor/screen on my wood burning fireplace. It looks great, and he did a great installation, even without reading all of the directions. Today, he's coming back to install another grab bar for Jim. The stairs from the dungeon to the main level only have a railing on one side. Jim wants a grab bar on the other side, which will help him up 3 of the 6 steps.

Jim has been wandering again. And not because he's confused. The last 2 days when I've been out of the house, he has come up the second set of steps into my bedroom/office area. He said he's just been checking on the cats. I feel a little violated. The entire space is a mess, but it's my mess. He is a guest in my house; although it looks like he may live here for the long term. I feel like taping the area off with that yellow police tape.

I told Jim that if he's feeling that well and is that mobile, maybe he should think about moving back to his own place, once he shows me that he can manage his diet. Maybe I will start teaching him how to use the broiler/convection oven to cook chicken breasts, pork tenderloins, and fish for dinner. He's already excellent with breakfast, and does a good job on sandwiches for lunch. I told him if he moved back, I would do his grocery shopping for him. And the Hospice folks could easily change locations to care for him.

Naw! Just a fantasy on my part.

Another thing to talk with the counselor about, I suppose.

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Alice said...

So glad you found a counselor, and free. That is great. Dr. Head? Sounds like the title of a bad porn flick.LOL
But a little humor is always good. If you get some good little pills you could always call her Dr. Feel good. I know, not very original. Sending lots of love your way.